To sleep well you need to have a direction during the day; we need to know where we are going and what drives us. Nothing better than doing this analysis at the beginning of the year; in fact the new year has begun and we have to roll up our sleeves to treasure the experiences, the teachings in our life of the past year: both the beautiful things we must remember and repeat, and the things that have hurt us because they are experiences, they are not failures. It is like a child who is learning to ride a bicycle, falls and gets up again, has had the experience to learn the lessons that are useful for him to make no more mistakes, to improve, to grow. It is time to put on paper the determinations that surely each of us made at the beginning of the year. But how many can our goals and good intentions be at the beginning of this new year?

Only 3! The advice is to identify only three things we want to achieve in the first 3 months of this year; a bit like the president’s first 100 days after winning an election. Take a piece of paper and write down the three goals you ask yourself in the first three months of 2019. Immediately below each goal, write the plan you need to reach each one of them and sequentially perform the actions you need to do, timing them. It is a matter of giving a definite time, putting them in order from what you will do today, tomorrow, the week and those to follow, with spaces to verify that you have achieved what you expected from every single action. So how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

But how to identify these goals? First of all we identify an objective for each of the three most important fields of our existence, such as the example in the color image: HEALTH, RELATIONS AND AFFECTION, WORK and PROFESSION. Yes, because our life is like a three-legged table, where if one is short, the whole table wobbles; so we work on all three fields, let us not devote ourselves too much to just one – often for example, just work – and let’s not neglect anyone, often affections or worse health.

A final tip: take this sheet with your THREE OBJECTIVES and hang it on the mirror in the bathroom, so that you can see your goals in the morning as soon as you get up at the beginning of the day and every night before falling asleep, sleeping on and elaborating in the creativity of the night the best solutions to achieve them!

Dott. Loris Bonamassa – SLEEP COACH

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Da questo mese RISPONDO alle vostre domande su questa rubrica: Luisa da Veternigo mi chiede come addormentarsi più velocemente.

Cara Luisa, devi fissare un orario per andare a letto e osservarlo con regolarità, anche nei fine settimana. Devi poi avere un rituale della sera, un po’ come quando eri bambina e facevi tutte le sere con la tua mamma una serie di azioni: lavare le mani e il viso, lavare i denti, mettere il pigiama, leggere qualche pagina di un libro di carta con una luce soffusa di colore caldo, spegnere la luce col bacio della buona notta. La cosa importante è iniziare questo rituale dell’addormentamento sempre alla stessa ora: sappi che la più alta produzione di melatonina, funzionale al sonno, avviene tra le 22 e le 2. Infine, quando sei distesa a letto pensa alle tante piccole soddisfazioni della giornata appena passata, medita, sii riconoscente perché hai scritto un’altra pagina unica del libro della tua vita. Rilassati e ricorda a te stessa che già essere a distesa a letto è l’80% del tuo recupero fisico. Buona notte Luisa, sogni d’oro.

Dott. Loris Bonamassa