The other component of the bed system is the bed base . We must remember that a good house must have good foundations, so the base on which the mattress rests must be recent and in good condition, better if with beech slats, perhaps in large numbers, on rubber supports and with lumbar adjustment. The net can be with the fixed top, the most widespread and classic version, or with head-to-foot or motorized adjustment. The adjustable nets have the advantage of being able to customize the inclinations and the height of the various segments of the mattress support surface, which is why it is recommended to purchase them in the single versions, even in the case of a double bed.

Whether it is manual or motorized adjustment, the net responds to the need to be able to hold the head or legs higher when lying on the bed. The precaution with regard to the motorized network is that the motors with which this type of networks are equipped must be at low voltage and equipped with an emergency battery which, in the event of a power failure, allows the network to return to the flat position.

Finally we have the pillow, the third and last element that completes the bed system together with mattress and net. The pillow is the point on which it rests its head for many hours and for all nights for 365 days a year, whether you sleep supine or prone or sleep on your side. There are various materials and different shapes, from the classic soap bar to the double wave useful in case of cervical problems. It should, however, respond to a correct alignment of head, neck, shoulders and back, whether you sleep on your side or on your stomach up or down.

The mattress and the net must be exactly the same size to ensure a solid support of the mattress on the net. It must be considered that you do not sleep flush with the headboard, but lean against the center of the pillow, losing 10/15 cm .; in the same way from the foot side as it is necessary to roll up sheets, blankets and quilts in winter. So the bed should be at least 20-25 cm. longer than the height, to allow the person to sleep well stretched, stretching out without being curled up and in a fetal position, so as not to produce tension in the muscles and allow a rest in complete relaxation.

The width should be as wide as possible and never less than 170-180 cm. especially if you share a bed with a partner. The classic Italian double bed size of 160 x 190 is certainly short in length, given the increase in average height, as well as sacrificed in width. We have understood that the bed, the mattress and the mesh of the right size are essential to allow our body a more appropriate rest even in relation to the available space.

Dott. Loris Bonamassa – Sleep expert

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