We know that playing sports is good, but we have evidence that it can even slow down aging and remove several years of age. This is confirmed by the study Das Projekt „Gesundheit zum Mitmachen“ of the Institut für Sport & Sportwissenschaft Prof. Dr. Klaus Bös, Prof. Dr. Alexander Woll. The research began in 1992 and involved 500 participants between the ages of 35 and 80. The participants were measured (weight, height, body composition) and had to perform exercises like sit-ups and push ups. The result that emerged is that a 50-year-old person is according to this study as fit as a forty-year-old who does not do any physical activity.

It is evident that to make the muscles grow you must sleep: physical activity stimulates Gh but its role is mediated by sleep. Sleep deprivation or its limitation (even slightly) reduces its activation and causes negative effects on the whole organism

Athletes performing long and intense workouts are advised to sleep a little during the day because it is used to increase GH, the so-called growth hormone. During sleep, in fact, in addition to gh, melatonin is also released, both involved in the regulation of the immune system. As a result, the training does not end with training but continues during sleep because to grow muscle you need to sleep. Getting up too early or going to bed too late compromises motor learning as well as regeneration and super-concentration of sports loads. It is called “silent overtraining” and generally defines the feeling of exhaustion and fatigue that occurs in subjects who sleep little. In these cases the vulnerability to infections increases, inflammatory proteins increase in the blood and greater urinary excretion of cortisol and therefore there is an altered response to stress and a decrease in performance.

In an article published in the National Strength and Conditioning Association Journal the most common techniques to promote recovery and increase muscle mass are exposed. Among these, sleep is the most important: those who practice bodybuilding should sleep between seven and nine hours a night; in addition, passive recovery activities also include listening to music, reading or meditating. Muscles increase after training and the type of activity that takes place between two sessions of the same is important, both to promote maximum muscle growth and to prepare for the next training session. In fact, if an adequate recovery does not occur it is unthinkable to be able to work intensely during the following session.

In conclusion, we can say that … motor skills decrease over time but if you do physical activity, you can slow down this process.

Physical exercise improves the QUALITY OF LIFE!

Active people are MORE YOUNG than 10 years old !!

Exercise EXTEND your life !!!

Dr. Loris Bonamassa – Sleep Expert

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