How long have you been sleeping on the mattress? Don’t you even remember when you bought it or gave it to you with the bedroom? And what about the net on which the mattress or pillow rests on which I lay my head and neck every night?

The body finds in the stretched position the greatest relief and comfort with regard to the back. In the same way it is in the bed that the energies are recovered and one third of life is passed. The “tool” to achieve a good sleep, an excellent recovery of daily energies and the natural position of the spine with the rehydration of the discs is the bed system, composed of net, mattress and pillow.

It is therefore important to evaluate whether you have the correct bed system or how to choose a more suitable one, how to take the measures to have a comfortable one, of the right length and width with respect to your height and that of your partner. Knowing how to evaluate the bed system you have at home and being able to choose a new mattress, a new bed base and / or a new pillow are essential factors because the use of a correct bed system has an important impact on the possibility of having a good rest our body and our mind during the night, so as to wake us up to 100% of the energy needed to face the day.

To understand where we are going, we need to understand where we are coming from: the history of the bed system, and even before the mattress (because there is still little talk of a pillow and a net almost for nothing), is rooted in the mists of time but, convenience and simplicity, let’s start from a more recent period and refer to the last 50 years. In the 1960s, the mattress was made of soft and welcoming materials, such as sheep’s wool, horsehair, or earth materials, such as the covering of corn on the cob or straw (hence the alternative term “pagliericcio”). Later it came to understand that sleeping in such materials was not correct for the spine and, by contrast, it was thought that the mattress should be hard, mistakenly called “orthopedic”; the solution that was sought was aimed at straightening the back, as if it were a board, and not at maintaining its natural “S” shape, which in women appears to be more pronounced. Today the bed system is ergonomic, able to take into account all the forms of people in an individual way: newborn, child, teenager, adult man or woman, elderly, tall or short subjects, thin or fat. The instrument to achieve a good rest and a good sleep is therefore the bed system, of which it is essential to choose the right mattress; we will see exactly how in the next episode.

Dr. Loris Bonamassa – Sleep Expert

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