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Even those who are not sleep experts can take actions to improve their sleep and life. Do not be afraid of challenges or expense. Do not think it is prerequisite to be a doctor or an expert in the field. The 5-Steps Method will guide you in a simple, quick and safe manner to obtain the result that you have set for yourself. In the following section, I will synthetically explain the 5 steps.

Step 1

Understand sleep: You must understand what it is, for what it’s useful, and how it changes in time. Learn how many hours you should sleep, what to do, and what to avoid in order to improve your sleep. The amount of hours of sleep you need differs in function of age, and scientific studies have discovered sleeping too much or too little, can be damaging for the human body. It is impossible to avoid sleeping. Sleep deprivation, insomnia, nocturnal awakening, worries, and stress during the night, can all be harmful to your health. This includes your personal wellness, familiar and professional well-being. It can also cause problems for you professionally.

Step 2
Knowing yourself: man, woman, child, adult or elderly people, age, weight, constitution, type of work, movement habits, and lifestyle. Everyone has a way of sleeping which is unique, since every person is unique.
Step 3
Knowing your habits and behaviors: change them into good habits and behaviors, which you can perform before going to bed, thanks to the ritual of preparation for sleep; the actions to perform in order to sleep well, the ritual of waking up, and the actions to perform during the day.
Step 4

Knowing your needs and choosing the correct bedthe main features of the mattress, the frame, the pillows, and how to use your bed system. What to do to maintain it over time; whether it is a forthcoming purchase, or if it is a bed system you are already using, and you want to learn how to make it last in a healthy, hygienic and orthopedic way. For many years to come.

Step 5

Choosing and managing your environment, principally your bedroomthe orientation of the bed, the quantity of light, the hygiene and cause of allergies are all factors. The management of the electrostatic and electromagnetic current fields also cause sleep related problems. Why? An environment saturated with these currents doesn’t allow a good rest for your brain, and it slows down the electric impulses that govern it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you had doubts on your chances of improving your sleep,. When you suffer from this problem, or you’ve been experiencing bad sleep for a long time, you feel helpless. But I can tell you there are a number of solutions to solve your problem. And the proof is my experience. Here are some of the most common objections I have received to using a sleep program to combat issues surrounding insomnia.

These answers have led people to take action and change their situation. So they can adjust their habits and behaviors, learn how to improve the quality of their lives and experience a night of rest so rejuvenating they feel like a brand new person.


“I don’t understand anything, it’s all confused, there’s too many offers and everyone states his/her own truth”.

I explain thoroughly all the techniques and the materials that make an healthy bed.

“The concept is obvious, but sleep is science, something difficult, just for doctors”.

I explain every aspect of how to achieve good sleep in a simple, clear and safe way. You will understand the principles that guide good sleep. You will understand how you sleep, your habits and your behaviors with some simple checklists. Eventually, you will understand how your bed and your bedroom should be in order to create the perfect place, where you will feel welcome. And as a result you will experience a sleep which will recharge your batteries, and you will feel rejuvenated and rested.

“I don’t understand anything, it’s all confused, there’s too many offers and everyone states his/her own truth”.

I explain thoroughly all the techniques and the materials that make an healthy bed.

“I don’t have time, it is too expensive”.

If you think about it, the price you will have to pay for your health will be higher. As high as having a unproductive day, which leaves you feeling flat, a failure and under pressure to perform when you don’t have the inclination or the energy. There is an expensive price to pay for you, and your loved ones, if you don’t dedicate time to rest well today. You will just end up spending more time treating yourself later.

“I don’t have time”.

What?! You deal with thousands of things in your life and you don’t have time to think of yourself, of your rest, of the activity that takes place over one third of your life? We spend 37 years out of 90 sleeping! In my method, I briefly, directly and practically explain every detail that will help you.

“I don’t feel like doing it, I’m not able to do it, I don’t have the correct tools”.

Find the energy to dedicate to you and your loved ones. When you decide to do something, something else must be cancelled, something less important than your life, your sleep and your day. It isn’t necessary to be an expert: you will be able to take the correct decisions. I teach you all you need to do it, without the need of special tools or investments.

“Who do you think you are to teach me?”

As far as the scientific study of sleep is concerned, I’m an expert of results. My own story, and the number of people I have helped over the last 25 years are a testament to that. The techniques I teach I have used myself to solve my own sleep issues. I have experienced any sleep issue you may be having, and more. They have all happened to me and I have overcome them. And I have spent years gathering research from all over the world to create my 5-step system. I am an expert thanks to my studies, and the interaction I have had with the most prominent minds in the field. The many interviews I have carried out, and my travels to the U.S.A, Northern Europe, Germany, and Austria, have all contributed to my vast knowledge on sleep and all aspects of this area. And my in depth study on the art of good sleep has led me to be invited to some of the most high profile groups and organizations around the world, so I can share my expertise. They include EBIA, ISPA, FIA, Group Sistemi per Dormire, and Project “Riposo e Salute”.

“I am afraid of making mistakes”.

I will teach you how to evaluate your bed, how to choose and decide, how to measure the comfortable bed with the correct length and width in relation to your height and the one of your partner.

“And then what?”

I will be with you forever thanks to my website and my social media network, giving you instructions and suggestions, so you can ask questions and interact with me whenever you need help and advice.

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