My Story

The problem of not resting well seriously impacted my day-to-day activities. I felt tired, in pain, and listless during the day. I no longer had 100% of my energy. I wanted to live my days to their fullest, but I had difficulties falling asleep or fell asleep immediately because I was tired. However I would wake up during the night and could not get back to sleep again.

My stomach burned and acid reflux was my faithful companion during my nights, along with frequent headaches. I could not understand why I was suffering so badly. I was always in a hurry, my agenda was full and my chronic tiredness was made worse by the continued demands on my time, whether modern living – phones, emails, computer…

It was when I collapsed one weekend due to accumulated tiredness that I realised I had to do something. I was stuck in a downward cycle. I only found rest during holidays that I longed for. I was not living, I was surviving. I believed the correct mattress, along with the correct pillows, and a sufficient amount of hours of sleep, could do the trick.

This was the simple recipe, according to me. But I was wrong.

My Story

Sleep well to live better!

I decided to study all the aspects of sleep. I met doctors, physical therapists and athletic trainers. I wanted to understand how professional sports people achieved their performance and victories.

I wanted to understand how they were able to undergo intense training routines and manage challenges. I interviewed soccer players, basketball and rugby players, cyclists and motorcyclists, runners, triathletes and marathon runners. I also travelled to several countries across Northern Europe, where the culture of sleep has been deep rooted even longer than in my native Italy. I went to Germany, Great Britain, and Austria, where I lived for five years with my wife and my son.

There, in Carinthia, I lived at a different pace. My day started at 7 a.m. The supermarkets opened first thing in the morning, and then after work at 5pm, everyone goes out, young or old, they were all outside moving, walking or practicing a sport.

Dinner was served before 8pm and everyone was in bed by 11pm. On Friday offices closed at 1 p.m. The weekend was dedicated to spending time with your family. The students were not even given homework, so families could spend time together over the weekend. It was wonderful!

My travels and quest for knowledge about sleep did not stop in the West. I also travelled to the East to study the ancient Chinese and Japanese cultures. The knowledge I acquired shaped my understanding of how we must look at the exterior and interior to see the whole. I learnt the same applied to activity and rest. They are two sides of the same coin.

I have researched techniques, solutions, indications and various precautions that would lead to the optimum rest at night. Thanks to the Internet, I had access to a wealth of information and to people from very different environments. But their common ground was they all had a the ability to enjoy a “great rest”.

I am now a member of Systems to Sleep (part of the Italian association FederlegnoArredo, representing the wood industry and in particular, bed systems manufacturers). The association is part of a wider European federation, the EBIA (European Bedding Industry Association), and I have been able to use its ample data on sleep to further add to what is by now, my extensive knowledge of sleep ad resting. Today I am also involved with “Riposo e Salute” – a project aimed at spreading the culture of resting well.

Being part of these associations enabled me to interact with Institutions, where I discovered the Italian Health System pays an enormous annual cost for the bad sleeping habits of its citizens.

Restlessness also lowers the natural immune defenses of our body, making us more vulnerable to seasonal illnesses and infections. I used the knowledge I had gained and experimented on myself until I was at a point where I was adjusting my daily life to see results as I implemented the techniques.

At times it was a question of important changes in my habits and behaviors. However, often it was a matter of taking small steps, applied methodically, and especially understanding the relationship between your body and brain, in a view of continuous research into improving the state of rest and wakefulness.

I had to alter my way of thinking in order to perfect the behaviors that enabled me to deeply improve the quality of my nights and days. Thanks to the adoption of the 5 Steps, I reached my goal of falling asleep more rapidly and sleeping soundly, thus enjoying a more regenerating sleep. I have completely eliminated many types of medicines, used both to favor a good rest and to fight the stomach burning or the acid reflux.

Nowadays, I rarely catch seasonal illnesses and my pain has disappeared. During the day I feel mentally and physically alert. My body is supple. My relationships with colleagues, loved ones and friends, have also improved. As well as my professional life. I now also have the capacity to deal with many things simultaneously. I can work less, yet obtain the same results.

The 5-Step method was developed as a result of my long study and analysis of sleep. Using information from societies, cultures, countries and experts from all over the world, I have devised the perfect system. The method uses the most modern scientific research, and if put into constant practice, will improve your general physical and mental condition.

The 5-Step method can also improve the quality of your sleep, even reducing how much sleep you actually need. Since you will fall asleep more rapidly, your sleep will be continuous, without waking up, devoid of annoying nocturnal movements. Your rest will be deeper and longer during the recovery steps, and your sleep will be deeper.

In the morning you will wake up charged with the energy you need to deal with your day. You will also be healthier and catch fewer illnesses. Studies have revealed a direct link between the predisposition to illness and a lack of sleep. And those who sleep well, are healthier and happier. These are the results obtained by people who have used my 5-Step Method.

My bio

Dr. Loris Bonamassa – Sleep Expert

  • Born on 19.03.1970
  • Graduated in Business Administration, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
  • Master MBA University of Bologna
  • Graduated Micap – International Master in High Performance Coaching
  • Technical Partner ISSA International Sport Science Association
  • Past President for Sleep Systems Group in Federlegno Arredo – Milan
  • Past President of the EBIA – European Bedding Iindustries Association
  • Various collaborations with Dentists, Ortho-Dentists and Gnathologists
  • Collaboration with NYU – New York University Dentistry
  • Collaboration with AIPA Italian Association of Applied Posturology
  • Collaboration with Prof. Luigi Ferini Strambi President of the World Association of Sleep Medicine Society
  • Author of the book “DORMIRE BENE PER VIVERE MEGLIO – Mind, 2016
  • Author of the book “IL NOSTRO SOGNO PUO CONTINUARE” – Mondadori, 2017
  • Author of the book “SLEEP WELL TO LIVE BETTER” – Mind, 2018
  • Author of the book “IO SONO L’UOMO DEI SOGNI” – Rubbettino Editore, 2019
  • Editor of the monthly Newsletter “Follow your dreams”
  • Collaborations with the National / International Medical and Healthcare world
  • Developer of Sleep Aids CE Certified Medical Devices
  • Sleep Quality Consultant of Professional and Amateur Sports Professionals
  • Support the project “I HAD A DREAM” of the Moleskine Foundation

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