Oliver’s Story

I want to tell you Oliver’s story, a 50-year-old professional with an important job, and a big family.

He slept badly, because when he tried to get rest, his many commitments and worries kept him awake at night. Oliver was an insomniac; he spent his days and nights agitated.

And as a result, he was more tired when he woke up, than when he went to bed. And his batteries where not getting recharged.

The sleep deprivation caused Oliver to have tense relationships with his colleagues, his wife, and his children.

At work he was more stressed, and he was finding it difficult to cope. And Oliver’s sleep deprivation was having a detrimental impact on his ability to carry out his job, seeing a steady decline in his performance.
His marriage was suffering, and Oliver’s love life was non-existent.

Even worse, he knew because of his lack of sleep, he was not fulfilling his role as a father.

Oliver was not being the Dad to his children he desperately wanted to be.

However, he took steps to make changes in his life before the damage he was doing to himself and those around him became irreparable.

Oliver met with me and we worked together through my five steo program.

He soon understood what sleep is, why rest is so important and exactly why sleep is essential, and why as human beings, we have to have it.

Oliver learned through my specifically designed 5-step system, why getting the right sleep and enough sleep, isn’t a waste of time.

He discoverd sleep is actually a very precious resource, which enables you to feel better and obtain more results in all areas of your life.

And Oliver began to understand himself, physically and mentally.

Working through the program, enabled him to correct his daily choices, thus transforming old long-lasting habits into good behaviours.

This led to Oliver not only improving his own health and wellness, but that of his entire family.

He also found the correct beds for him and his family; the right mattresses, frames and pillows which all fitted perfectly to their specific ages, weights and heights.

Oliver also improved the environment of his bedroom and his entire house, eliminating the risk factors and elements, which were all having a detrimental effect on his sleep patterns and quality of rest.

Now, after going through my 5-step system and implementing it into his life, Oliver sleeps well, and he sleeps deep!

He has learnt to manage the thoughts and interferences which stopped him from getting the rest he so desperately needed.

Now Oliver gets a regular and beneficial amount of sleep every night.

By adopting functional behaviours for good and regenerating rest , he now has a satisfying day. Oliver wakes up fully charged, energetic, full of vitally and happy to live each day .

His physical health has improved, and he’s more serene at work.

Oliver gets more satisfaction from his life on a daily basis, he has less anger, and he does not suffer from anxiety or stress.

His work life is in a better place ,and he feels he can do whatever is asked of him to the best of his ability.

Moreover, Oliver’s marriage is now in great shape, his relationship with his children is better and he has energy to play and talk to his children.

By using my sleep system, Oliver saved himself, his love life, his family, his job, in fact everything which he was in danger of losing.

His story may seem incredible. But, if you think about it, our life is a sequence of individual days and nights.

You only get to live each day once, and then it is gone forever. You can never get them back.

Therefore, it is your right and obligation to live them at your very best.

You should be able to put in all the possible effort you can, and get all the satisfaction and positive elements back, that a wonderful life has to offer.

Your life depends on you, on your choices, on your decisions and on your actions.

Decide now to live better, sleep better, and to wake up in the morning with a smile on your face.

You should be looking at yourself in the mirror each day and living every moment of every hour to your máximum capacity.

And as you gaze at your reflection, you will know you are in the best physical and mental shape of your life.

Then you will enjoy and experience everything wonderful life has to offer you.

Decide to adopt habits and behaviours that will enrich your existence and that of your loved ones.

Live by the motto: “If everyone slept better, and rested better, the world would be a better place”.

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