Sleep Philosophy

“If everyone slept and rested better, the world would be better and it would be a better place.”

Dr. Loris Bonamassa

One third of our life is spent sleeping and the remaining two thirds are influenced by how we have slept.

Today an increasing number of people sleep badly, and wake up more tired than when they went to bed. Their lack of rest has a negative impact on all areas of their live – whether work, personal or professional relationships, love life, or mental and physical health.

A bad night’s sleep can be caused by many factors. Work is often filled with activities and routines, which are less than stimulating. Repetitive tasks which can leave you feeling lethargic and miserable. Too much work (burn out) or its absence (job insecurity) can cause issues.

Stress, jet lag for those who travel, night shifts or even day shifts all play their part on affecting sleep patterns. Being in continuous contact through smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TVs and consoles also takes its toll. Not to mention the most modern of addictions – social media.

All of these distractions have invaded our lives in addition to habits and behaviors that are detrimental to a good night’s sleep. A growing number of people suffer from backache or neck pain. All these factors are often combined and produce a mix that transforms what should be a “good night” into a nightmare. This also means that when you wake, that lack of sleep has a huge impact on how you cope and live your day as well as become cumulative in nature.

However, such problems can be solved.

No need for expensive experts or going to see the doctor, neither do you need sleeping pills to obtain results.

All you need to do is understand the Five Steps To Resting, and if you can do this, you will live a happier and be more energetic as well as more active during the day. If you understand sleep, how it affects you, how you live your day and night, how to choose the correct bed system for you, your partner and your family, and lastly how to manage your surrounding environment, from the bedroom to your entire house, you will experience amazing results.

You will soon learn to understand, determine and change your habits and behaviors. It is a change, which will lead to better, restorative rest. Over the past 25 years I have helped many people achieve this goal and assisted them in changing their lives, and the lives of those they love, for the better.

I would know! I tried everything myself.

The secret is to understand and choose the right habits and behaviors both during the night and the day to achieve the perfect night of sleep. I learnt how to fall asleep more rapidly, how to enjoy deeper, and better quality rest. I discovered what to do when you wake up at night, and how to send yourself back to sleep quickly.

This all led to me being able to wake up in the morning feeling rested, replenished, revitalized and hungry to get on with my day! My daily performance and efficiency at work is better than ever before, and my relationships with my friends, family and loved ones, have improved beyond measure.

Everything I learned, led me to create five fundamental steps to enable a restful night of sleep and I want to share them so that you can experience and enjoy the same amazing results.

Learn the dynamics and the fundamentals of sensational night of sleep:

  • Understand how sleep effects your body physically and mentally
  • Gain awareness of good habits and behaviors
  • Select the right bed for you (choose the best mattress, bed frame and pillow)
  • Adopt simple solutions for your bedroom and your surrounding environment

Then you will experience the beauty of a wonderful night of rest and see how it can rejuvenate and reshape your life for the better. My specifically devised system will also enable you to find out the ritual you need to follow before going to bed to get ready for a good night.

This is where a good night of sleep starts. You will also learn the ideal way to rest with a tailored to your lifestyle, professionally and personally, as well as a plan which is devised specifically for your age, sex, and body type.

What you can achieve with good sleep

People are not aware that their physical and mental health starts from their bed, which is the perfect place to recharge your body and mind. The truth is we have little sleep and we sleep badly. According to the Italian Sleep Medicine Association, nearly 12 million Italians suffer from insomnia. Worldwide the statistics are similar.

We have little rest or not enough, with many of us suffering from agitated, sleep deprived nights, ora cute insomnia. It’s a fact: bad nights equal bad days. 80% of people suffer from backache, with many women experiencing cervical pain due to chronic sleep issues. Many wake up during the night or suffers from sleep disorders. This evolves into chronic day tiredness.

In the past there was a lack of awareness of how important sleep is, and little understanding of how regenerating it is for our physical and mental health. Scientific studies have shown the impact a bad night of sleep had on your life. Today these factors are clearer and sleep medicine is a fundamental discipline both in Italy and all over the world. However, our modern society has made us a generation of bad and inefficient sleepers, who live a restless life, both during the night and the day.

Underestimating the moment when our body regenerates and recharges has a very serious impact on our health, and in some cases can lead to death. If you choose not to learn, or understand how you can enjoy a good night’s sleep and the benefits that entails, you will suffer from a whole host of health issues.

Backache, neck pain, allergies, and insomnia are all symptoms of no proper rest. During the day you will have less energy and your fitness will suffer. Plus you will also be functioning at less than your best. If you think you have no time or money, think of the price you will pay in terms of your health by not trying to deal with this situation. In the long run, all those mental and physical issues, as well as the impact of your relationships, will add up to a far higher price.

You will find yourself more out of pocket financially and emotionally, than if you had tackled the problem.
But the repercussions of not dealing with the situation don’t end there.

Think also of the price you will pay in terms of a lack of results, due to your lack of energy and accumulated tiredness. You need to remind yourself if you do not dedicate time to guaranteeing you have good rest today, you will spend time in the future treating the issue.

What I ask you to do is believe in yourself, to get to know your body and mind intimately, and put into practice what I will teach you. Then you will become an expert in how to get a good night’s sleep. The winner in life is the one who dreams at night and takes time to recharge their batteries of their bodies and mind.

You can only win when you rest well, deeply and continually.

You win when you have a good day, following my simple step by step system.

You win when you learn how to live a healthy lifestyle and take to heart the program I have devised.

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