I often woke up tired even after 8, 9 hours of sleep. I didn’t understand why. I met Loris and thanks to his advice I can finally wake up rested. Loris is a passionate professional and a true lover of his subject! “

Business owner

Marco Lamacchia

I met Loris at a time of my great professional transformation, and I was able to see the great entrepreneur who distinguished him, innovative, visionary with precise and achievable goals. A person who you can trust one of the most important things … healthy sleep. “

Executive Coach

Davide De Zordi

Loris, since we “sleep well” we always win …

Italian Cup 2019 Winners

Matelica Football Owners

Mauro & Sabrina Canil

I have known Loris for many years in our school days, he was not yet the Loris Bonamassa we know today but he was simply Loris, a boy who studied and trained to become the Loris Bonamassa of today.

Living in the midst of mattresses, produced by the family company, certainly helped him to develop the way of thinking, but most of the minds would have simply given continuity to the family business while Loris was able to take a step further and see beyond.

I admit that I was a bit skeptical at the beginning, when he talked to me about “sleep coach” but now I understand him and I see the need for a figure like his, a figure who knows how to make us think and understand that it is made up of many cycles one of which is sleep, vital for the well-being and development of body and mind.

I am convinced that we will continue to hear about Loris Bonamassa. “

Business owner

Fabio De Po

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Loris Bonamassa initially as a speaker during an ISSA convention .. immediately I was impressed by his way of communication. From his empathic way of communicating something … that it was not just advertising his product … I trusted him … and then I wanted to buy one of his bed systems. Today I can say that after buying a house … and expenses for studying .. it was the best financial investment I made … I am proud to leave my TRUE testimony.. … for the true professional who is Dr. Loris Bonamassa. “

ISSA Trainer and CSEN Taranto Professor

Nicola Basile

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