The 3 pillars of the health of children (and parents): Sleep – Posture – Technology

SLEEP – While we sleep the body puts itself in a “stand-by” condition so that all muscles relax, the frequency of breathing and heart rate decreases; also the areas of the brain responsible for the processing of movement, the production of language, the control of emotions, at night “rest”. During sleep decreases cortisol, which is the stress hormone, with a lowering of blood pressure, which however does not occur if a person sleeps little or badly. There is the release of GH, the growth hormone, also muscle; many studies that have shown how good sleep also helps not to get fat; another fundamental function of sleep is that of the consolidation of memory: during the night we put in the memory store a good part of the information that we have gathered during the day. In the United States, a sleep deficit has been found to cause cognitive problems already in children.

THE POSTURE – Looking at our reflection in the windows, we will be able to observe what our posture is and what are the curves of our body, observing more or less the harmony. The balance that exists between our weight and the earth’s gravity with respect to our body is posture. It seems strange, but if you think of a discharged person he normally has his head and neck turned downward, a confident and determined person has his chest out, his chin upwards, as well as his look, head and neck. The posture of the head, the neck, the shoulders, the trunk and the legs must be such as to be able to foresee an elongation, at least at the time of night recovery in the bed.

TECHNOLOGY– There is not yet a full-fledged direct relationship, but it seems that electromagnetic pollution linked to the use of cell phones and Wi-Fi is responsible for migraines, overheating of the temporal lobes, tumors and frequently insomnia. It is advisable to keep the modem away from the rooms and in any case to turn it off when it is not needed, as well as Wi-Fi, and possibly mobile phones and cordless phones. The baby phone, if necessary, should be at least one meter away from the child. Care must be taken to eliminate all the electric fields from the bedroom: the electric blankets, the transformers of the halogen lamps, the television, the radio alarm clock, the cellular charge and the computer must be moved from the bedroom or disconnected from the mains before falling asleep .

Dr. Loris Bonamassa – Sleep Expert

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