I want to tell you the story of Oliver, a professional of about fifty years, with an important studio and a large family.

His nights were sleepless, agitated as his days were, because he got more tired than when I went to bed and didn’t wake up with recharged batteries.

The relationships were tense, with the colleagues as with the wife the children: both his love relationship and his role as father were affected.

The work was more stressful than it actually was and so the results he wanted to achieve were affected.

Oliver met and put into practice the five steps of good sleep and good awakening. Understanding what sleep is, why you sleep and why it is so important, not considering it a waste of time, but a precious resource for getting better and getting more results in all areas of your life.

He understood himself and his family from a physical point of view and made the right choices daily, turning years-old habits into good behaviors, improving the health and well- being of his entire family. He discovered the right bed for himself and his loved ones: the mattress, the pillow net that fit perfectly to the age, weight and height of everyone, supporting even the growth of his children over time.

It has improved the environment of the bedroom and the entire house, eliminating the risk factors, even serious over time, as well as the elements that disturbed the sleep and nights of the whole family.

Now he sleeps well, a regular number of hours and in a profound way, he has learned to manage thoughts and interferences by adopting functional behaviors for a good regenerating rest and for a rewarding day.

He wakes up to 100% loaded, energetic, vital, happy to live every day and satisfied with every night.

His physical health has improved, he is more serene at work and gets more satisfaction, he gets less angry and anxiety has passed, just as stress has disappeared.

In the relationship he is better, managing to talk more calmly, and he has learned to play more with his children, improving relationship management.

He saved himself, the couple, the family, the job, his life!

Oliver’s story seems incredible but, if we think about it, all of life is a sequence of individual days in which night and day alternate. These days are the only ones available, which will never be repeated, so it is a right and a duty to live them to the best of our ability.

By putting all the effort into it and getting the rewards and all the positive elements that life can offer.

Your life depends on you, your choices, your decisions, your actions.

You decide now to live better, to sleep better, to wake up in the morning with a smile, looking at yourself in the mirror, living the new day that awaits you in your best form and state of mind.

Living the new day that awaits you in your best form and state of mind.You decide now to adopt habits and behaviors that will forever enrich your existence and that of your loved ones because “if everyone slept better and rested better, the world would be better and would be a better place”.