The age group influences the way of sleeping and its dynamics, as well as the physical constitution in the same way; in terms of weight, height, body shape. Sleep and physicality go hand in hand, influencing each other.

The WEIGHT / HEIGHT RATIO and its variation over time are very important for the quality of the night. One way of calculation is the BMI-BODY MASS INDEX which is the ratio between weight and height (WEIGHT / HEIGHT) with an index equal to 18.5-24.9 weight; 25-29.9 overweight; > 30 obese I propose to you, dear reader, this simple scheme, which is certainly not exhaustive, but helps to understand the concept and give a direction: with a simple ruler you cross the height with the weight and depending on whether you are a man or a woman it comes out an index, BMI in fact.

Everyone eats too much, or eat more calories than they burn during daily activities. In general there is a correlation between little and bad sleep, weight gain or being overweight. Already sleeping less hours forces you to absorb more energy and calories, but specifically the nervousness that results from it, generates nervous hunger. Sleeping well therefore seems to go along with the theory that those who are well rested are more likely to lose weight, also because the production of hormones that block appetite occurs during the sleep phase. At the same time in overweight people there is evidence of snoring and / or obstructive sleep apnea (OSAS) due to the excessive weight and mass on the chest and respiratory tract. Overweight and obesity have very high repercussions on the national health system, from the need to appeal to one’s own doctor, to absence from the workplace, to all the pathologies that derive from an overweight physicist. So a control of the SHAPE WEIGHT is highly recommended for all ages.

In the same way, one’s physical conformation also has an impact on the immune system.

“Have a good night’s sleep and you will feel better”, so the grandparents or the doctor settled down after a consultation: this is the reality, the body – and the mind, whose influence on the physical state are known – is healthier, more reactive , even at the level of the immune system if it is well rested. Conversely we are more subject to various diseases, from the simple flu to the more serious viral infections, if we are debilitated and not very rested. Stress hormones are activated due to poor or no sleep, blood pressure rises, irritability increases, lucidity decreases, negatively affecting quality of life, emotional relationships, negative influence on mind and body , also increasing the possibility of heart attacks and accidents due to lack of attention.

Always with respect to the physical elements that characterize us and that in some way influence the quality of rest and consequently of our days, there is all the aspect concerning the teeth. Matter is little known with respect to the correlation between teeth, their occlusion and posture, held day and night. In reality there is a direct relationship between the conformation of our teeth, the vertebral column and therefore the quality of the night’s rest. It is also important to investigate this aspect, because from an early age it is possible to take incorrect habits such as can occur in walking made with shoes without adequate cushioning or by adults, especially in the use of high-heeled shoes, which hold a posture incorrect and a misalignment in the spine that can have repercussions on the jaw, chewing and dental occlusion. The connection between toothache or incorrect dental occlusion with headache or back pain is not uncommon.

Dear reader, I invite you to investigate these aspects of your life, because acting to improve even one during your day can mean improving the quality of the night and consequently the quality of your life, lengthening it and making it better!

Dott. Loris Bonamassa – Sleep Coach

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