Research shows that around 20% of Italians suffer from some type of sleep disorder, as many as 1 in 5, mainly the elderly over 65, affected by 25% compared to 16% of the 18-64 age group. It is very important to get to know each other in order to understand how to find ways to sleep well and better; a checkup on age, weight, height, physical constitution, profession and movement habits, make a clear picture of who we are, which type of bed / mattress / bed base and pillow to use, favoring a good night of restful sleep.

Let’s see together to clarify this concept, starting from the smallest to the most advanced age, identifying for each the components that can influence more a restless night or a good night’s sleep. BABY is perhaps the most delicate phase, because what he learns about sleep accompanies him throughout his life; the family in which he grows and lives – with his sleep habits – influences him, as well as having to learn to sleep alone and the growing responsibilities related to school. TEENAGER in which we are “almost adults”, we experience all the agitations of puberty and all the rapid evolution of new interests, stimulated by the digital world and by an almost infinite access to social networks and the web network. MAN with all the economic / family responsibilities, generally suffering from insomnia due to stress, afflicted by snoring (especially for his companion on the side) and perhaps with sexual performance anxiety. WOMAN single or in pairs, who knows monthly physical variations since the onset of menstruation and premenstrual syndrome, pregnancy, the post-partum period and the less-pause.

ADULTS IN GENERAL that do not give up the technology in the bedroom (computer, smart-phone, wi-fi, television), stressed, shift workers or night workers, travelers who travel for hours in the car or worse by plane with a jet -lag that distorts any rhythm of sleep / wake. SENIORS who see the number of hours of continuous sleep reduced and introduce the afternoon nap. In addition to the dynamics related to the period of one’s life, there is the checkup of the night, that is the specific and only way to sleep: on the right or left side of the heart (makes a difference), upside down or belly down. Finally, the list of the physical sensations of the 7 areas of the body: head, neck, shoulders / arms, lumbar area, legs and feet.

We need to be aware of what has been done and what season of life and our own existence we are in, in order to make the right choices and adopt the correct behaviors to favor a good night, avoiding the wrong habits and adopting good respect for healthy sleep hygiene!

Dott. Loris Bonamassa – Sleep Coach